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Our Services

At each service our team will take all the needed products and equipments, with testified results, that enable a healthy clean preserving the environment of your house. Our clients do not need to supply any materials or equipments.
After each cleaning service our team must fill up a factsheet that will be signed by the client.

You can ask for specific procedures that you would like to see being made during the service delivery. Your preferences will be communicated to the team when they move to your place.

Normally the client provides a key that will be kept at a safe place and will only be delivered to the team when they go to provide the service.

Houses – Regular Cleanings
This service of ours will be made by a professional team educated to optimize and the cleaning priorities. Each employee will know exactly the job to do according with your preferences. These cleanings can be made weekly, every fifteen days or once a month assuring you the service at the agreed time and date.

Houses – Occasional Cleanings
You can ask occasionally for a maintenance cleaning. For those who don’t have an agenda that allows them to agree regular cleanings.


The image and appearance of your office is primordial. For that we assure with efficiency the cleaning of your space at the agreed schedules. In a continuous form we provide the well being at your company and of your employees. A clean office is primordial for its good functioning, the cleaning teams mainly dislocate outside the regular functioning schedule, acting in the areas of residues removals, cleaning the equipments, the desks, the common areas and the areas of private and public access.


With our services the concerns with the common areas of your condominium will end. The well being at your house starts with the entrance of your building, not only with a careful cleaning but also with a healthy environment. Our team will clean regularly all the areas.

Commercial Areas

For your convenience at this type of spaces you can choose for a cleaning service before opening or after closing time.


This service will be made by a team of professionals to optimize the time and cleaning priorities. Each employee will know exactly the job to do in accordance with your preferences.

Clinics and Medical Offices

The cleaning service at Clinics and Medical Offices are normally made in a daily basis, the services at clinics are: regular Cleaning of all the existing surfaces, maintaining the clinic with a high level of Hygiene using for that disinfectants appropriate for each surface. Developing policies for the use of the Cleaning techniques appropriate for each client, frequency and needed products to use for each type of room from the most contaminated until the most clean.

Cleanings for Moving and After Work

If you’re leaving from your former house or moving to a new one, you can count with our services to do a Professional cleaning. One small work at home, a big reshuffling, houses building or any other space, it’s only perfect when everything is shining for your sight and for the others. We have an effective service after the work conclusion. We know how to take care of a room removing the residues without damaging the materials.


For all the regular or occasional clients we have available an ironing service totally made at your home.


You need to paint your house, talk with us. Ask for a quote to paint your bedroom, living room, or even the entire house.


Plumbing service, we take care. If you have a new tap to install, or a tube that needs to be replaced, call us.


Minor renovations, plasterboard application, we have specialized technicians. It can give your home a new life.


Problems in your electrical installation, our company solves. We changed an outlet, a switch, even a larger electrical installation.

Our Equipment

High Pressure Washer
Equipment necessary to carry out thorough cleaning on walls and rough stones.

Mixed cleaner

Able to suck solids and liquids, it is a very versatile piece of equipment for any type of cleaning.


The washing floors becomes easier.

Rotary Washer

If you want a pickling or treatment of your floor, it also has a rotating washing machine.

Auto Washer

Ideal for cleaning large surfaces, it has the ability to dry immediately.

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